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The guy I liked aka my friend and one of our mutual friends confessed their feelings to each other and now are unofficially dating.

I decided to leave because I don't want to ruin their happiness by showing my unhappiness. It’s hard to get over a difficult relationship situation.

I’d like you to know that it’s not about the way you look, you don’t have to look sexy or hot to get guys or to have sex. Your time will come when you meet somebody and you just feel like it’s right.

Obviously my greatest advice is to take it slow, I wouldn’t want you to regret your first time, as well as the fact that it won’t be as perfect as you imagine it, it may not be fireworks and butterflies, and that’s the fact of life.

I just wanna know how to get people to like me/how to spark a convo and make friends. I just wanted to add on that I find it more difficult to socialize and actually make friends because I grew up with all my friends at my old school, so it wasn’t really like I had to introduce myself and get to know them and all that you know?

Continued: okay its me the junior anon and actually i’m going to continue a bit! the girls on the team seem really nice too, im just too intimidated to be the one who starts the conversation.

While fighting, my boyfriend smashed our vacuum and the living room window. If someone has an emergency or needs some quick advice, please try to get real help. - Admins How do I convince my parents to let me and my boyfriend spend time alone?

He pinned me to the wall by my arms and punched a dent next to my head, he kept grabbing my wrists and arms and yelling at me. And if you’re meant to be with this guy, eventually you will be. I'm extremely mature for my age, always try todo what's best for my future, and respect my parents decisions.

And then my sister and her husband have barely any. and my fiance doesn’t talk about us publicly very often. Obviously this has upset me and he knows and apologized but it hurts more than he realizes and acts like it didn't even happen. You get to choose what best reflects the kind of person you are.If you think that sharing the information will help everyone involved then you can do it.If you think it will cause difficulties then you might think twice.Your other option is to celebrate what a great person you are, regardless of whether this relationship worked out or not.

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But obviously sex is something that is very common among teenagers and it’s okay that you want to experience it.