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Now granted, the kid is in Grade 5, and I’m sure it’s all pretty harmless at this stage.

But, jump ahead a couple of grades, and this can become a real serious issue. That often means allowing kids the room to falter, make mistakes, and then troubleshoot their way to a solution on their own.

In order to chat, both users must have the app installed.

Tango pulls contacts from your existing phone list, and invites users to invite others via email or text.

To make a call, simply tap the contact you'd like to reach in the Tango contact list.

Jailbreaking is also incredibly easy, much easier than Android’s equivalent, “rooting.” Rooting an up-to-date Motorola Droid, for example, requires downgrading your firmware to a previous version, which can irrevocably break your phone.

Then you have to load an alternate firmware onto the Droid, which can also irrevocably break your phone.

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