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A major benefit is also the enhancement of health and athletic performance.

Qigong practice helps one to maintain optimum health, prevent illness and can aid in recovery from injury and sickness.

The secret of India, he tells Wen, is the way that its extreme inequality is stabilised by its strong family structures: "Never before in human history have so few owed so much to so many." Advancement can be achieved only by patronage and corruption - if you make friends with the local political thugs, you might get a job as a bus conductor - or by Balram's eventual method: stepping outside the "coop" of conventional morality.

Balram begins at the very bottom, without so much as a name; his family call him only "Munna", or "boy".

The satirical murderer in question is Balram Halwai, the White Tiger of The White Tiger, and also its narrator and anti-hero.

The White Tiger marks a new departure in India by portraying the emotions, sorrows, and aspirations of the hitherto invisible poor.His mother might have named him, but she was too busy dying of TB.His father was too busy pulling a rickshaw, weakening himself to be claimed by the same disease.Some exercises are primarily breath oriented; others are very quiet and meditative, while some are focused on stretching and limbering.But the unifying element of all qigong practices is that they are all dedicated to enhancing the life force (chi) for health, healing and kung fu training for self defense.

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