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The question you ask is a bit hard to answer because you have to ask what "based off of" actually means.Was XKCD the first to introduce to the world the concept of a robot? Was XKCD the first to introduce to the world the concept of a robot in a ball? Here are the facts: The summer of 2008 is when the patent holder first started working on BB8!As a student, Munroe often drew charts, maps, and "stick figure battles" in the margins of his school notebooks, besides solving mathematical problems unrelated to his classes.By the time he graduated from university, Munroe's "piles of notebooks" became too large and he started scanning the images.Since the resampling was performed on the colored image, this introduced colors in the output image that didn’t actually exist in the color map.Now, images are resampled first (and entirely in floating-point, if the input image is floating-point), and then the color map is applied.It seems that there’s an XKCD comic for every life situation that we run in to. One of my favorites, by far, is the comic titled “Dating pools.” This comic highlighted the Standard Creepiness Rule, a.k.a.

The subject matter of the comic varies from statements on life and love to mathematical and scientific in-jokes.But even if they were inspired by other sources, I'm 100 percent sure Disney will never own up to it for legal reasons, so there is no way to know, unless they were to get permission and credit Randall [email protected]: about the mechanism, this is how some of the simpler attempts at BB-8 work.The problem with any sort of fixed-mast system, though, is that it doesn't allow the head to move (not rotate, but actually move) independently of the body, which is something we see the movie BB-8 do. Here's a patent for a robotic ball filed June 15, 2000, eight years before the comic publication date.In order to make this important change, the image handling code was almost entirely rewritten.As a side effect, image resampling uses less memory and fewer datatype conversions than before.

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